Buyers/Amazon/Ebay Sellers

ALL buyers must submit a vendor / resale license to purchase.
Send to
Amazon sellers include a live link to your Amazon product listings.
Buyers outside the United States must provide proof they are in businss. Each country has their own rules.
NON-Profits need to verify their non-profit status with a 501C form.
Those purchasing to donate toys out of NEW YORK can do so. Those in New York Call.
If you want product updates make sure you sign up for our newsletter. 
(Weekly updates only goes out to newsletter subscribers)
We do not send out excel lists. All product info is online.
ALL AMAZON SELLERS MUST meet a $100 minimum product order to request an Amazon invoice when checking out online.
Put in comment area when finalizing your online order - NEED AMAZON INVOICE.
AMAZON INVOICES will be emailed the day your order is shipped so you will get ahead of delivery.
Invoices generated online are for our retail clients and WILL NOT UNGATE you with Amazon.
Amazon Buyers - Shipping to FBA - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE to NEW BUYERS  as of 9-1-2020. 
Those who have purchased before 9-1-2020 can ask for FBA direct to Amazon
Requires Minimum of $500 in product total
Must be ungated in items you purchase.
Must put on invoice when checking out - HOLD FOR AMAZON LABELS 
If you want product stickers attached they must be sent ahead of time.
Each item will be shipped in its own box unless otherwise instructed by you.
When order is ready to ship then you will be contacted with box weight and dimensions. 
FBA Prep is subtracted from UPS charged online. 

Items offered in assortments can be sorted into separate boxes for Amazon.(no charge for sorting)
We also consolidate multiple case purchase into as few packages as possible.
FBA Prep Fees are determined by boxes shipped and if FNSKU stickers need to be attached by us.
The remainder is refunded to your credit card.
Any questions should be resolved before order is placed so we are both on the same page.

INVENTORY online is not tied into actual inventory. If you would like more units then we allow online email us at
ATTENTION ALL BUYERS: Please Note, we cannot take responsibility of any item that is restricted to sell on Amazon or restricted to send to FBA. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure before making a purchase that you are eligible to sell purchased items on Amazon and the item is not restricted to send to FBA. Items cancelled before shipping will be charged 25% restocking fee.
WE DO NOT SELL on Amazon/Ebay. We ARE NOT your competition.
WE ship all packages via UPS ground.
If you would like us to ship 3 Day or 2 Day call or email us.
If you have any questions email us @ BEFORE YOU ORDER.