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Cranium Dark Game MSRP $19.99 Now: $8.90
4 PK @ $35.60
Ages: 15 - Adult
UPC 630509426157 / Asin: B01ALIGXUG
Want to host an epic game night? This hilarious Cranium Dark game is sure to be a hit! You pick an Action card and show it to the rest of the players. Then pick a Cranium Card and keep it a secret. Without saying any of the words on the Cranium card, you must get the other players to guess what's on that Cranium card by expressing it in the style of the Action card. For example, can you get your friends to guess "milk a cow" while acting like a zombie -- or "fried chicken" while drawing with your eyes closed -- in just 60 seconds? Be the first player to collect 7 cards to win!
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