Testimonials and Comments


"Thanks a bunch for the help with this E commerce business! You make everything easier and with all your kind encouragement and advice we were able to move on and make a step!
Thank you for being so flexible and casual with us!:
E.R from NY 7/19/24.

"Your Guarantee Ungating Program is the best thing going. I was able to get 4 brands ungated out of 5. Thank you for your patience." MJ 7/24.

 "Thank you so much, Gary! I really appreciate you working with me on my first Amazon order! Excited to find my next product! Have a great weekend!" JL 10/23.

"Wow didn’t expect full refund thank you definitely love Empire Discount even more ?
I did really well on those Lil Mermaid Funko, sold out in 3 days!" KC 6/23.

"I was just excited to let you know we are have great success on Amazon with the products we purchased from Empire Discount.
We are sold out of Fire Trucks and Monster Trucks already in three days.
Look forward to placing more orders soon with you!" TS 5/23

"That is wonderful! It is my first time ungating so I have plans to keep purchasing to ungate in other categories." LL from MD

"With your Amazon invoice I had been approved by amazon when I applied with all the documents you provided me with." 

Thank you!" BH from MA

"Thanks for helping us with Amazon verification! Order received today & thanks for that fast shipping!" TJ from WY

"Thank you! You're the best and I LOVE  doing business with you." SP from NY

"Everything was in perfect condition" PN from NM

"You have no idea how much I appreciate your helping me with FBA Amazon.
It is very hard and scary to start selling online and you were super kind to me. I will never forget your encouragement and advice!
Again, thank you so much!" SC from KY

"Thanks for helping me out with that. I appreciate it." AC from VA
"Wow that was fast! Thank you!"   SC from CA
"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the help and support during 2022, and wish you an amazing holiday season!
May 2023 be incredible for yourself, family and business!  Best regards". GB from TX
"Thanks for the update!
I have successfully been ungated for other items on the invoice already". DV  from MI
"Thank you so much for your time today on the phone. We have a dealership located in a low income area where we will be holding a toy distribution to the children of the area. As we discussed we need 1200 toys with a budget of $6, 000.00. I will begin to work on the order and I look forward to speaking with you later today or tomorrow the latest."  JO from FL